Lets Make a Hack n Slash Game with C++ and SDL2 Game Course Download


Learn to make a Hack n Slash game utilising intermediate C++ skills and the SDL2 library. We create a game from the start of a project and keep going. We build the player, enemies, collisions, basic AI and even a boss.

If you are studying C++ or want to experiment with it, this course is a great exercise to undertake!


This is the downloadable version of my Udemy course, which currently has 705 students enrolled and carries a 4.47/5 rating. Inside is all 14+ hours of video and resources needed to complete the course. 

An offline site is included, just unzip and find the index.html file inside to get started!

In this course I’ll take your intermediate C++ skills, buff them up a little and use them to make a Hack n Slash game using SDL2. You’ll be taken through the entire process of making this game and given source code of the project at various checkpoints if you get lost along the way.

We are going to learn basic game dev elements, such as game loop, animations, collisions, player input and AI. I’m also going to boost your skills with Inheritance and Polymorphism to simplify a complex game structure down into a few short bits of game logic.

At the end of the course you’ll walk out with game dev experience and a little game you can expand on and even build up to a marketable game.

Let’s make a game!