Cyborg Netcode

A full netcode/2d physics package for Unity to help get 2D action games online fairly quickly.

This is one of my bigger projects. I wanted to start from theory and move onto implementation. Originally a prototype, but then grew into a fully featured package with client-side prediction, entity interpolation, server syncing, NAT punchthrough and lots more. I wrote my own physics engine using a Soft Float library to help it deal with float rounding issues between cpu architectures and writing the physics myself meant I had greater control over it.

This project is nearing its first release.

More features details can be found here.

I have a live demo server always up and running so clients can join to it:

Cyborg City Sandbox

A split-screen 4 player third-person shooter sandbox project made with Unity.

I've been working mostly with 2D in my own time, but help students with 3D in class. Doesn't help my portfolio though, so I started this project and put about a weeks worth of free time into it focusing more on 3D and as many new things as I can learn each day for it.

Currently the project has:

  • Third person shooting controls with Cinemachine and the new Input System
  • URP lighting and rendering features including shader graph and vfx graph
  • Trigger rigid body projectiles and raycast for sniper rifle
  • My own character (modelled by someone else) rigged up via Mixamo for animations
  • Some post processing tweaks here and there

I'm going to keep adding onto this project so I have more features I can showcase. I wish to add AI+navmesh navigation, vehicles and any other new interesting thing for me to explore.

Current playable version here:

Lunar Chaos

A aerial fighter made with Gamemaker Studio 2.

This was a game jam project from early 2022. I hadn't touched GMS in years but the jam sounded interesting and managed to make this strange Dragon Ball Z-esque fighter in a week. That included doing all the art myself and getting a handle on GMS again, around my work and family duties.

At the moment you can only fight an AI player. I should really revisit this one and add 2 player support.

Current playable version here:

Green Wifi

A platform shooter like Megaman made with Gameboy Studio.

Another game jam from 2022. I wanted to see how hard I could push the cute little GBStudio engine and still run on GB hardware. GBStudio allows you to rewrite engine code and this is where I got a good amount of the platformer feel working nicely.

This project is a rogue-lite with various perma upgrades to help you get through to the final boss.

Play in browser here:

Fatal Theory

A beat-em-up hack-n-slasher with a full story and arcade modes made with C++ and SDL2.

This is my first project out from Uni and I wanted to build my own little 2D engine using the skills from my computer science degree. My brother jumped onboard and we pushed it as far as we could onto Steam.

It features a full story mode, 1 and 2 player modes such as arcade, survival and versus.

Free on Steam:

Other Game Projects

To find my other game projects, they can be found here:

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