Good Halo Friday!

Watch your back!


Its almost Good Friday and the long weekend, so lets see how many people we can get into a Halo server and shoot each other!!! Lets try kick things off from 9pm AEST onwards and run a bunch of Halo Reach multiplayer modes. If you don’t own Halo: the Master Chief Collection, then you can get it hella cheap via Xbox Game Pass for PC at the moment ($1 for first month, $5 each month after).

Once you have the game, jump onto the Discord server for the weekend:

When you’re in Discord server, look for the channel for where you can type in your Xbox username thing so we can add you to the game lobby easier.

So bring your headsets, game face, snacks and tasty drinks!

I’ll keep the Discord alive for at least the whole weekend for anyone wanting to keep it going on Saturday and beyond.

Hope to see you there, Matt

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