Lets Make a Fighter Course Update

Hi there,

The progress on this course has been stalled for so long now. Basically I’ll detail where I got to ages ago and then also let you know that I’m working on it again now!

For me, an important part of making a game development course is letting myself get involved in the asset building to a big degree. I make games so I can make art for those games. The art also helps brand the final product and for this one I wanted a punchy female character. I designed so many.

Final pose and a few very mixed ideas

I went with the punk ninja, purely out of the fact I liked it and knew I would be spending a lot of hours animating this character. I then went onto picking out 4 colour outfits.

What outfit for today?

The green one will be the default for the project. Code wise, I also wanted to show palette swapping the old school way, so having the other 3 choices is helpful. So if you prefer another one, don’t worry, it’ll be selectable.

I then started working on building the sprites and animation and what not. Where possible, I always try to add something to challenge myself. So this time I tried for the HD sized sprites similar in size to maybe Guilty Gear Isuka or that Persona Arena game. This is what I got animated so far.

Get out of my way!

I wont be doing shading until after the course most likely haha. Like I said, animating takes a long time. I cut a few corners here and there, so the pixels are not clean and some parts of the animation suck (dont look at the hair..). But I also need other poses and actions to finish.

On the code side of the farm, I needed to start before assets were ready. So I subbed in my cyborg from the first course for now and got basic combat working.

It looks awful, but its showing hitting, movement, health bars, you can block and a few other things. For the completed code I want to get more into hit boxes, combos and special attacks (blue bar).

The final course will also have a lazy character select screen (pick 1 character but can choose their colour).

I’m not sure when all of this will be completed, but if you are eager to get onto it feel free to contact me and I’ll use it as motivation to work harder haha.

PS – Very likely I’ll do a short course on doing pixel characters this way for anyone interested. Let me know.



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