Lets Learn C++ and make a Dungeon Game Update 1

Hey hey,

So this is a new course I’ll be slowly building up in the background. I’ll be releasing a single video to my Patreon patrons weekly starting this week(Friday night :D) and at completion then add the course to Udemy and to this shop here for full download.

I want to teach C++ from the beginning whilst also getting to the gamedev stuff as soon as possible. Learning C++ at times can be a bit intense, so hopefully getting things animated and moving around will liven up the experience. This course is recommended for beginners in the language and can act as a side by side for those learning formally elsewhere.

I’m a mock up, don’t judge me! 😛

In this course we’ll make a little dungeon game. A top down turn based movement game where the player must find a key to escape and fight or evade monsters. In terms of art I’ve only got the mock up for battle sequences and character concept. I’ll be building assets as I need them during course development.

Its [Whats her name]!

Our main character is this fighter female who will punch her way through the dungeon and find items to help her escape. I don’t have a working name for her at the moment, so any suggestions would be great 😀

So if you are keen to jump in and learn C++ either while I develop or when its completed, you’re well welcome to join.


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