First Post!


This is my first post on my new website :D. I’m a proud father of 2 young boys, teaching at a College and a University and in my free time(so little) I build games and courses. So its about time I made my own website for the things I make. The intentions behind this website are basically this:

  • Share my weird creative stuff
  • Sell downloadable versions of my Online Courses teaching gamedev and art
  • Sell the other weird stuff I make, like games, board games, shirts etc
  • Have a place to portfolio my art that’s easy to maintain

I like teaching at the College and University I’m at but I don’t get as much freedom as I would like there, so if I can create a place to share my own unique courses then that’s the goal.

So look around, see what you can find and if you like stay up to date with the newsletter on the side ->

Thanks for dropping by!


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