Hi, I'm Matt Carr!

I'm a hybrid coder/2d artist working in the indie game dev space. I've been in and out of software and web development for work and have found a semi balance now by moving into teaching at colleges. When I find time, I do Udemy courses too.

My game dev projects are all over the place. I've built a few action games in C++ using SDL2, made 2 little Game Boy games that should work on the hardware, some games in Game Maker Studio and now working on a online multiplayer game project in Unity. Like I said all over the place.

The multiplayer Unity project I intend to release as a tool so other 2d game devs can bring about an online experience quickly too.

I'm hoping to get some big releases out sometime soon, so for any large updates jump onto my newsletter or discord server. Cheers!

Udemy Courses